Leg 3 Aix-les-Bains to Valence

Well that was a proper day of Winter rallying. Loads of regularity sections some snow and ice and with seconds dropped all over the place. Mostly because the times were tricky to make. Lunch TC was at Lans ice race track. Two tests on this. The first was a bit sideways and the second ended with me running out of talent at a hairpin and placing the car into a snow bank! Not my finest hour!

Supper halt saw a blown hose and lots of steam but fixed by the service crew and then it was night Time Control section in the Ardèche. Wow! Frantically fast but times almost impossible for us. Combination of my driving ability and the car being older technology than the cars around us. Frankly the Porsches make mincemeat of these sections. Still we ticked all the boxes so well done Andrew for getting us round today with barely a hitch.


Not surprisingly we have slipped back overnight from 7th at supper to 10th by the end of the day. It was always going to be tough for us last night.

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